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Discover radiant health, the Treehouse way

Central to our approach to life is the concept of physical and mental wellbeing in Watamu’s natural environment. After 25 years of living in Watamu, we have combined all the ingredients that contribute to a healthy and fun lifestyle in nature, and we love to share this with guests. Try out our wellness options whilst you’re here.  Please note that most of the wellness options are chargeable, unless you are on a retreat or package that specifically states these options are included.


Massage is an ancient practice for healing and wellness that is contemporarily embraced by medical science world-over for its physical and psychological benefits. Whether it’s to reduce muscle soreness after a day of adventure, or to simply relax and let your deep relaxation response kick in, our masseuses are on hand to give you an hour of uninterrupted bliss.


Thare are regular open yoga classes at Treehouse that are inviting to all ages and levels, as well as members of the Watamu community. We have two yoga spaces, one at the top of the South Tower which is the highest point in Watamu, the other on the roof of Forest House which is at canopy level completely surrounded by indigenous greenery. See the current schedule for the open classes. 
We also have sunrise Stand-Up Paddleboard yoga classes on the beach in front of Treehouse or in the mangroves. Please call ahead to book the SUP yoga, as well as any private classes.

Treehouse Cool Pool

The cool pool is located between our two Treehouse towers, partly covered by branches of the indigenous forest. The canopy keeps the pool at the perfect temperature for a refreshing dip after a hot day at the beach, and provides many shady spots to enjoy a good book or a nap with the sound of running water from the waterfall in the background.


Yoga / Vegan Suppers

Why not enjoy a delicious meal at Treehouse after joining us for an evening yoga class? This is open to all non-guests. After the class ends, enjoy a complimentary smoothie and plant-based snacks as you watch the gorgeous sunset from the roof before your meal. The yoga / sundowner / supper combination package offers a great value.



The key to life is balance, and the same goes for creating a healthy body and mind. At Treehouse we advocate for complete serenity interspersed with adventure – total relaxation as well as pushing your limits. One of our favourite intense and fun ways to workout is a kickboxing session with personal trainers trained from Wildfitness.



If you feel as though your body and mind are in need of a cleanse it might be worthwhile to combine your holiday at Treehouse with a complete detox. We have detox plans we can recommend to you, or you are welcome to send us your own menu and cleanse in instructions. However, if detox programmes sound to extreme for you, it’s worth noting that all meals served at Treehouse are packed with nutrients, fiber, fruit, fresh greens, no sugar and very little oil.


Vision Board Seminars

After relaxing and recharging, many of our guests use some of their stay at Treehouse to reflect on their lives and make positive plans going forward.  With advance booking, Treehouse offers coaching and seminars where you learn to make and work with a Vision Board - a practical expression of all your wishes, all your goals, all your dreams, all your aspirations.


Cooking Demos

When we arm ourselves with nutritional knowledge and delicious healthy recipes, we are empowered to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We offer cooking demos to show you how to make a number of your favourite Treehouse dishes as well as your own nut milks and yoghurts so that you can maintain your energy even after you leave our paradise home.