A kaleidoscope of options, all in Watamu paradise

Check out all the amazing activities you can do in the Watamu Beach area. We’d love to help you organise any one that takes your fancy!


Turtle Watch and Local Ocean Trust

Started by local residents in 1997, this not for profit organisation uses practical conservation, community involvement and development, education, research and campaigning to protect Kenya’s marine environment. They rehabilitate turtles on site and if you’re lucky you may be able to help them release one back into the ocean – a truly special experience.

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Kite-surfing with Tribe Watersports

As the great saying goes, when was the last time you did something for the first time? In Watamu’s prime kite conditions, take this opportunity to try something completely new and exciting with a three day beginner kite-surf course. Tribe also does lessons and equipment rentals, and is 300 metres from Treehouse on the beach.

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Diving with Aqua Ventures

Have you ever dreamed of scuba diving in warm, tropical waters surrounded by brilliantly coloured tropical fish? Aqua Ventures offers both guided dives in the marine park, as well as the open-water PADI dive course.  Aqua Ventures is the most experienced dive operation in Watamu with high safety standards - PADI and BSAC.

Dive with Aqua Ventures


Crab Shack – a unique community dining experience

Built on stilts in the mangrove forest, the Crab Shack Restaurant is community project where you get to enjoy the freshest fish and seafood from Mida Creek. All the proceeds go to helping the surrounding community flourish. Sunset is the best time to go and watch the sunset over the water with a cold drink. Book a water-edge table.

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Gede ruins

From the 13th century, Gede Ruins is an ancient town surrounded by tropical forest located between Watamu and Malindi. It was once a developed, cosmopolitan area with archaeological evidence of artifacts from around the world such as Ming Chinese vases and Venetian glass, and researchers are still baffled as to why Gede was abandoned all those centuries ago.

Gede Ruins Information


Arabuko Sokoke Forest

The largest and most intact coastal forest in East Africa, Arabuko-Sokoke stretches 420 km2 along the East coast. With 20% of Kenya's bird species, 30% butterfly species and at least 24 rare and endemic birds, mammals and butterfly species, the forest is really a glorious natural space. Take an early morning or late evening trip for a walk in the forest, including birds and wildlife - many elephants!

Arabuko Sokoke Forest Information


Bio-Ken Snake Farm

One of the most interesting activities in Watamu is the incredible research centre and snake farm that houses the largest collection of snakes in East Africa. Bio-Ken is open to the public with an entrance fee of 1000/- for a fascinating guided tour of the 100+ species including snakes, tortoises, lizards and a chameleon.

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Dhow Trips on Mida Creek

Watch the sunset with a cocktail (or mocktail) in hand from the comfort of a majestic dhow as you sail through Mida Creek. Trips are run at sunset and include a sailing trip down the creek with drinks and bitings - or even a full meal.
There are a number of dhow operators including the four below.

Hemingways, Turtle Bay, Pepo Huru, Mida Dhow


Lakshmi Spa

If you fancy having a day of pampering, Lakshmi spa offers a wide range of services that can keep you occupied the entire day and will leave you feeling completely taken care of. They offer manicure and pedicure, waxing, facials, body scrubs, and speciality massages such as lymph draining, Ayurvedic, Kalari and reflexology.

Treat Yourself - Lakshmi Spa


Shopping at Shakirs

Beautiful patterns and silky smooth fabrics made into clothes fill the shelves of Shakir’s boutique shop in Watamu village. From toddler sizes to XXL, from smart men’s shirts to harem pants, flowing women’s dresses and bathrobes, Shakir’s has a great collection with which to spoil yourself or your loved ones back home. Or order custom garments (5 days to make)

AA Shakir Malindi or Watamu


Che Shale - day trip and kiting

One may think that once you’ve seen one Kenyan beach you’ve seen them all; that would be a rather unfortunate assumption. About an hour and a half drive north of Watamu lies the untouched beaches of Che Shale, featuring completely unique landscapes, kite-surfing and a seafood restaurant featuring soft-shell crab.

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Trip to Malindi

Malindi is Watamu’s Northern neighbouring town, dating back to the 13th century. Much bigger than Watamu, Malindi has many shops and restaurants, as well as bars and night clubs. Malindi also has a museum, historical monuments and a number of surfing spots.

Map of Malindi


Golf at Vipingo or Mombasa

One of Kenya’s top courses, Vipingo Ridge lies between the coastline and the rolling inland hills. It is the only PGA accredited course in East Africa and boasts gorgeous views, fine Bermuda grass and a computerized irrigation system that maintains those lush, emerald-green hues.

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