Abundant in flavour, colour, nutrients and freshness

We source our ingredients with care, supporting local producers, and we prepare it with love.


The way we eat

Our food is inspired by a variety of cuisines from Swahili to Indian to Middle Eastern. 

Regardless of the flavour inspiration, we always retain our principles of vibrancy and freshness ensuring that the food is bursting with life force. We source fresh fruits and vegetables from the local market and try to get everything else from coastal producers or the health food shop. Our lunches and dinners are abundant “set-meals” and always include a soup or starter, a vegetarian main course (and a seafood main course if requested), a variety of sides and salads, and a dessert. We serve fresh juice or coconut water and a variety of hot drinks after the meal.  Great for vegans, and gluten and dairy-free, we take all dietary restrictions into account if you tell us in advance.