The first version of Treehouse was created in 1992 by Nani Croze of Kitengela Glass as a single-room home where the Krystall family came for their school holidays. They would spend ‘endless summers‘ on the beach and in the forest, full of nature adventures, healthy-food, and yoga.


Eric Krystall – the mzee (family elder)  – was swimming 4 hours a day up to the age of 88, though he has now slowed down just a little bit!


Whenever funds were available, Paul Krystall extended and expanded the house to make room for friends and guests. The house was always filled – first with children, and later with teenagers. The family organised adventure activities, yoga and meditation in the most beautiful parts of Watamu, With an emphasis on safety and ability to deliver drinks and food to the most remote locations.


Building has taken place on the small footprint in the forest that was cleared for utility use by the previous owners. No trees were cut down in the process. The unique building style of using local materials to create a direct connection with nature was perfected by Sala Terrena Creative Construction, and it complemented the recycled hand-blown glass from Kitengela Glass and Anslem’s Hot Glass.

In 2014 the pool and yoga studio were added and Treehouse became a year-round boutique hotel and retreat centre. Paul started running Dru Yoga and Meditation retreats with his daughter Aja, and partner Vera. In 2017 Treehouse started hosting other teachers’ retreats as a core-business. In 2018, a second yoga room and massage room were added to meet the demand. And so it continues....