Testimonial Simone 2017 Oct

“If you are looking for a honeymoon, this is your place, if you are looking for a weekend away from Nairobi, this is your place. If you are looking for a yoga retreat, or vegetarian food this is your place. If you are looking to be in an environment filled with light, the sound of the ocean, options to kayak, go paddle boarding, do yoga, and swim in the ocean, Watamu is the place. Paul, the owner, runs a tight ship and it shows: it is an impeccably kept resort; the staff are professional and always on call.”

- Simone, Kampala, October 2017

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Watamu Treehouse
Testimonial Laura 2017 Oct

“This place is wonderful, and I can only add another "excellent" to the review on here. Gorgeous architecture, attentive and friendly staff, stunning views, top class food, comfy beds, beautiful pool to lounge around.”

- Laura, Kilifi, October 2017

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Watamu Treehouse
Testimonial Jessi - 2017 Oct

“The setting is beautiful, and the open air architecture makes you feel like you're living outdoors with all the cleanliness and comfort of a boutique hotel. The food was amazing! Staff were friendly and attentive. We loved our guides for the float and the SUP trips. It seemed like everyone was having fun - both guests and staff. The Treehouse has great energy - must be all the yoga :)”

- Jessi, Naivasha, October 2017

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Watamu Treehouse
Testimonial Natasha 2017 Dec

“I have just done a dru yoga retreat at the treehouse and I loved every minute of it. Its the most beautiful place for such a retreat and the staff are all exceptional. In particular I loved waking up to sunrises over the sea and sunsets over the forest and mangroves. The yoga was also very inspirational and the activities, including floating in the mangroves and stand up paddle boarding doing yoga was lots of fun. I highly recommend this magical place!”

- Natasha, Nairobi, December 2017

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Watamu Treehouse
Testimonial Steffie 2018 Jan

“One of my favourite places on earth. From the moment we stepped into the treehouse, we were made to feel at home by the lovely staff. We were blown away by the incredible architecture (like something from a dream), the breathtaking views and outstanding food. We would highly recommend staying here and cannot wait to visit again.”

- Steffie, London, January 2018

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Watamu Treehouse
Testimonial Anita 2018 Feb

“The treehouse and its staff is really amazing. Everyone is so kind and was working so hard to give me the greatest time ever. Great activities, pure nature, pure food. A lifetime experience. I am definitely come back one day to this wonderful place.”

- Anita, Netherlands, February 2018

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Watamu Treehouse
Testimonial Isabelle 2018 April

“If you are looking for a place of beauty to rejoice and resource body, mind and soul, or just to chill out and spoil yourself, this is the place to be. Watamu Treehouse is exquisite in every way. The nature is beautiful, the house amazing, the food delicious, the staff extraordinary. Everything respires peace and serenity. Unforgettable place and experience! Swimming with the dolphins and floating through the mangrove are certainly among the highlights of our stay.”

- Isabelle, New York, April 2018

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Watamu Treehouse
Testimonial Pauline - 2018 Aug

“Unique rooms & great pool - there is something to look at on every wall, every floor and round every corner throughout the Treehouse! Tasty, healthy varied food. Good service. Beach so close and we loved the sunrises. Loads of great activities to do - we did the SUP / kayaking up Mida Creek amongst others. And yoga. I don't know why we waited so long to stay, but we are already thinking of when we can come back!”  

- Pauline, Nairobi, August 2018

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Watamu Treehouse
Testimonial Nicolai - 2016 Dec

“Come to Treehouse if you are looking for:

• Great hosts and family atmosphere
• Nice adventures everyday (you will be provided with an individual proposal almost each day perfectly tailored to your interests and needs)
• Breath-taking architecture and very spacious rooms with exceptional views
• Outstanding service 100% according to your needs 
• Nature
• Good and heathy food
• Outstanding yoga sessions every day
• Interesting people and conversations
• A wonderful kitesurfing beach (wind provided)

Do not come to Treehouse if you are looking for:

• Anonymous hotel atmosphere 
• Ordinary hotel architecture
• 100% privacy (Treehouse architecture is “open”)
• Ordinary food
• Standard holidays
• Just hanging out on sunbeds 
• Party (you can find in Watamu town)

In summary, the Treehouse provides an ambience with is absolutely unique and offers a wide range of activities. It is a perfect place to spend some days after or prior to a Safari in Tsavo National Park (outstanding Safari) or just to spend some days in the beautiful nature of Watamus coast. Go and get inspired, it is worth the time and money!”

- Nicolai, Dubai, December 2016

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Watamu Treehouse